About Riana Bovill


Riana Bovill was born in England and emmigrated to the U.S. before turning one, where she grew up in Springfield, Virginia. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree from Elmira College with concentrations in Ceramics, Painting, and Furniture Design, Riana continued to make art while pursuing art-related jobs. Following a year in the working world, Riana and her husband, Brian, embarked on an epic year-long road-trip in 2009. 


Their travels took them all over the U.S., with adventures that fueled their creative endeavors. Stopping in Portland, Oregon for a month, they rented a room and set up a make-shift painting studio, sharing the space with hobo spiders. With field easels mounted to the basement walls, they each completed nine paintings inspired from their time on the road. Like true nomads, Riana and Brian packed up the car once again and headed north, landing in Seattle. The lack of a properly vented space for oils led Riana to experiment with different materials, creating images out of colored felt.


With no sewing experience, Riana took to the new medium very quickly, and the process driven techniques associated with textiles was more than enough to satisfy her creativity. Clothing, upholstery, and quilting projects soon followed once Riana and Brian set up a more permanent studio in the hay loft of an 1850s barn in Upstate New York. Undeterred by the frigid winter in 2010, she continued to experiment through a trial-and-error process, eventually using fabric scraps to create her first portraits. Riana’s painterly approach to textile portraiture is what really catapulted her into the world of fiber art.