Through a constant exploration of both medium and subject matter, I am searching for the visual representation of interconnectivity and the beauty that arises from the sum of all parts. With a strong emphasis on process, I use patterned, textured, and vibrantly colored fabrics to investigate the nature of relationships through portraiture. By placing drastically different fabrics next to one another, I am not going for a blend or gradient, but instead a vibration that brings the portrait to life.


The interactions that arise from meticulous fabric selection and detailed embellishments are unique unto themselves, assembling like tiles within a mosaic to create a unified and realistic likeness. This sum of all parts approach helps form the personality and individuality of the subject, capturing an aura or essence that comes through in portraiture. The materialization of fabric synergy within my artwork creates a vision of the interconnectivity between the physical and psychological, allowing the viewer to contemplate a unique context derived from their own personal experiences.


As conscious beings, our lives are defined by our relationships to one another and our environment, as we are all intrinsically connected in some way, shape, or form. Physically, we are made up of billions upon billions of cells, made up of molecules, made up of atoms. In contrast, it is a life full of many different experiences that shape our personality and identity. The visual elements of the human form and our perception of the psychological undertones create a beautiful mix that celebrates a union of diversity.

Artist Statement for Fiber Collage Portraiture