There are moments in life when everything shifts, our previous reality is no longer, and we are forced to come to terms with change. For some of us, experiencing loss has a way of opening our perceptions to something much larger than ourselves, shaking us out of a previous way of being; and, if we are receptive and choose to pay attention, we can experience a transformation. I see loss in any form as having the potential to catapult us into our own hero’s journey, on a quest to find meaning. If only we are willing to answer the call…

In my written and performed narrative, the cyclical nature of the hero’s journey and the cycle of death and re-birth in the natural world are intertwined. It is a story focused on the transformation of the protagonist, the unlikely hero, G.Raff, who endures her grief in nature, and struggles to reconnect with herself and her surroundings. She struggles to break free of her insecurities and fears, and fails to see and truly experience what is hidden in plain sight. It is on her journey of healing through nature that she finds meaning through and beyond loss.